IMy name is Tibor Sandor, Hungarian born and raised Automotive and Lifestyle photographer. While our studio is based in Punta Cana in the forever sunny Dominican Republic, I actively work in several different countries.

Our approach is to connect car brands with local branding content.

I love photography as much I love cars. The sound of a supercharged petrol engine, the feel of the latest Tesla model, or the Audi R8 W10 diesel... Nothing less interesting than the Ford Ranger Raptor, or a beautiful new Mazda line. Each car bring me a new idea, a new concept that triggers my creativity to capture something real and really touching content.

General Manager

Enrico was a diplomat in Santo Domingo and a strategic consultant in Barcelona, a marketer in Milano and event organizer in Paris before dedicating 15 years to the film industry.


He worked with Bac Films the leading distributor in France, directed the International Confederation of

Cinemas de Arte (3,000 cinemas) and created the 1st VOD platform in Africa (Senegal). Co-production and

he collaborated in documentaries and award-winning television series.

The only Phase One XF camera system in the entire Dominican Republic! This means, unmatched image quality, color and details. This camera was designed in Denmark for commercial photographers to achieve perfect results in the most challenging conditions. 
The gear

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